July 30 All Events

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July 30th, 2007 (July 30 2007)EventJohn Brumby becomes Premier of Victoria following the resignation of Steve Bracks.
July 30th, 2007 (July 30 2007)DeathMichelangelo Antonioni, Italian film director (born in 1912)
July 30th, 2007 (July 30 2007)DeathTeoctist, Ex-Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church (born in 1915)
July 30th, 2007 (July 30 2007)DeathIngmar Bergman, Swedish stage and film director (born in 1918)Ingmar Bergman Quotes
July 30th, 2007 (July 30 2007)DeathBill Walsh, American football coach (born in 1931)
July 30th, 2006 (July 30 2006)EventWorld s longest running music show Top of the Pops broadcast for the last time on BBC Two. The show had aired for 42 years.
July 30th, 2006 (July 30 2006)EventAt least 28 Lebanese civilians, including 16 children, were killed when Israel Air Force attacked a building in Qana in what is called the Second Qana massacre.
July 30th, 2006 (July 30 2006)DeathAnthony Galla-Rini, American accordionist (born in 1904)
July 30th, 2006 (July 30 2006)DeathAl Balding, Canadian golfer (born in 1924)
July 30th, 2006 (July 30 2006)DeathMurray Bookchin, American libertarian socialist (born in 1921)Al Murray Quotes
July 30th, 2005 (July 30 2005)DeathRay Cunningham, American baseball player (born in 1905)
July 30th, 2005 (July 30 2005)DeathJohn Garang, Vice President of Sudan (born in 1945)
July 30th, 2005 (July 30 2005)DeathAnthony Walker, English hate crime murder victim (born in 1987)
July 30th, 2004 (July 30 2004)DeathAndre Noble, Canadian actor (born in 1979)
July 30th, 2003 (July 30 2003)EventIn Mexico, the last old style Volkswagen Beetle rolls off the assembly line.
July 30th, 2003 (July 30 2003)DeathSam Phillips, American record producer (born in 1923)
July 30th, 2002 (July 30 2002)EventThe accounting law referred to as "The Sarbanes Oxley Act" was signed into law by United States President George W. Bush.George W. Bush Quotes
July 30th, 2002 (July 30 2002)BirthPrince Hridayendra of Nepal, Nepalese royal
July 30th, 1998 (July 30 1998)DeathBuffalo Bob Smith, American television host (Howdy Doody) (born in 1917)
July 30th, 1997 (July 30 1997)EventEighteen lives are lost in the Thredbo Landslide in New South Wales, Australia.
July 30th, 1997 (July 30 1997)DeathB?o D?i, Emperor of Vietnam (born in 1913)
July 30th, 1996 (July 30 1996)DeathClaudette Colbert, American actress (born in 1903)Claudette Colbert Quotes
July 30th, 1992 (July 30 1992)DeathJoe Shuster, Canadian comic book artist (born in 1914)
July 30th, 1992 (July 30 1992)DeathBrenda Marshall, American actress (born in 1915)
July 30th, 1990 (July 30 1990)EventThe first Saturn automobile rolls off the assembly line.
July 30th, 1989 (July 30 1989)DeathLane Frost, American bull rider (born in 1963)
July 30th, 1987 (July 30 1987)BirthElise Estrada, Canadian pop Singer
July 30th, 1985 (July 30 1985)BirthDaniel Fredheim Holm, Norwegian footballer
July 30th, 1985 (July 30 1985)DeathJulia Hall Bowman Robinson, American mathematician (born in 1919)
July 30th, 1984 (July 30 1984)BirthGabrielle Christian, American actress
July 30th, 1984 (July 30 1984)BirthKevin Pittsnogle, American basketball player
July 30th, 1983 (July 30 1983)BirthSean Dillon, Irish footballer
July 30th, 1983 (July 30 1983)DeathHoward Dietz, American lyricist (born in 1896)
July 30th, 1983 (July 30 1983)DeathLynn Fontanne, English actress (born in 1887)
July 30th, 1982 (July 30 1982)BirthYvonne Strahovski, Australian actress
July 30th, 1982 (July 30 1982)DeathRoberta Pedon, American glamour model (born in 1954)
July 30th, 1981 (July 30 1981)BirthNicky Hayden, American motorcycle racer
July 30th, 1981 (July 30 1981)BirthJuan Smith, South African rugby player
July 30th, 1980 (July 30 1980)EventVanuatu gains independence.
July 30th, 1980 (July 30 1980)BirthJames Anderson, English cricketer
July 30th, 1980 (July 30 1980)BirthJustin Rose, British golfer
July 30th, 1980 (July 30 1980)BirthSara Anzanello, Italian volleyball player
July 30th, 1980 (July 30 1980)BirthChuck Thomas, British TV producer / presenterChuck D Quotes
July 30th, 1979 (July 30 1979)BirthCarlos Arroyo, Puerto Rican basketball player
July 30th, 1979 (July 30 1979)BirthGraeme McDowell, Northern Irish golfer
July 30th, 1979 (July 30 1979)BirthShow Luo, Taiwanese singer, dancer, host, actor
July 30th, 1978 (July 30 1978)BirthJames Branaman, American model and reality show contestant
July 30th, 1977 (July 30 1977)BirthJaime Pressly, American actress
July 30th, 1977 (July 30 1977)BirthIan Watkins, Welsh singer (Lostprophets)
July 30th, 1975 (July 30 1975)EventJimmy Hoffa disappears from the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, at about 2:30 p.m. He is never seen or heard from again.
July 30th, 1975 (July 30 1975)BirthGraham Nicholls, English artist
July 30th, 1975 (July 30 1975)BirthCherie Priest, American writer
July 30th, 1974 (July 30 1974)EventWatergate Scandal: US President Richard M. Nixon releases subpoenaed White House recordings after being ordered to do so by the United States Supreme Court.
July 30th, 1974 (July 30 1974)BirthHilary Swank, American actress
July 30th, 1974 (July 30 1974)BirthRadostin Kishishev, Bulgarian footballer
July 30th, 1974 (July 30 1974)BirthJason Robinson, English dual-code rugby player
July 30th, 1973 (July 30 1973)BirthMarkus Naslund, Swedish ice hockey player
July 30th, 1973 (July 30 1973)BirthSonu Nigam, Indian singer/actor
July 30th, 1971 (July 30 1971)EventApollo program: Apollo 15 MissionDavid Scott and James Irwin on Apollo Lunar Module module, Falcon, land with first Lunar Rover on the moon.
July 30th, 1971 (July 30 1971)EventAn All Nippon Airways Boeing 727 and a Japanese Air Force F-86 collide over Morioka, Japan killing 162.
July 30th, 1971 (July 30 1971)BirthTom Green, Canadian comedian and actor
July 30th, 1971 (July 30 1971)BirthChristine Taylor, American actress
July 30th, 1971 (July 30 1971)BirthSagi Kalev, Bodybuilder
July 30th, 1971 (July 30 1971)DeathKenneth Slessor, Australian poet (born in 1901)
July 30th, 1970 (July 30 1970)BirthChristopher Nolan, English film director
July 30th, 1970 (July 30 1970)DeathGeorge Szell, Hungarian conductor (born in 1897)
July 30th, 1969 (July 30 1969)EventVietnam War: US President Richard M. Nixon makes an unscheduled visit to South Vietnam and meets with President Nguyen Van Thieu and with U.S. military commanders.
July 30th, 1969 (July 30 1969)BirthSimon Baker, Australian actor
July 30th, 1968 (July 30 1968)BirthTerry Crews, American football player and actor
July 30th, 1968 (July 30 1968)BirthRobert Korzeniowski, Polish athlete
July 30th, 1968 (July 30 1968)BirthSean Moore, Welsh drummer (Manic Street Preachers)
July 30th, 1966 (July 30 1966)EventEngland national football team win 1966 FIFA World Cup beating West Germany 4-2 in the Final
July 30th, 1966 (July 30 1966)BirthAllan Langer, Australian Rugby League Player, (Brisbane Broncos & Warrington Wolves)
July 30th, 1965 (July 30 1965)EventUS President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Social Security Act of 1965 into law, establishing Medicare and Medicaid.Lyndon Johnson Quotes
July 30th, 1965 (July 30 1965)DeathJun ichiro Tanizaki, Japanese author (born in 1886)
July 30th, 1964 (July 30 1964)BirthVivica A. Fox, American actress
July 30th, 1964 (July 30 1964)BirthJurgen Klinsmann, German footballer and manager
July 30th, 1964 (July 30 1964)BirthAlek Keshishian, Lebanese-born American film director
July 30th, 1963 (July 30 1963)BirthLisa Kudrow, American actress
July 30th, 1963 (July 30 1963)BirthChris Mullin, American basketball player
July 30th, 1962 (July 30 1962)BirthAlton Brown, American television host and chefAlton Brown Quotes
July 30th, 1962 (July 30 1962)BirthJay Feaster, American National Hockey League executive
July 30th, 1961 (July 30 1961)BirthLaurence Fishburne, American actor
July 30th, 1960 (July 30 1960)BirthRichard Linklater, American filmmaker
July 30th, 1958 (July 30 1958)BirthKate Bush, English singer/songwriterKate Bush Quotes
July 30th, 1958 (July 30 1958)BirthNeal McCoy, American singer/songwriter and humanitarian
July 30th, 1958 (July 30 1958)BirthDaley Thompson, English decathlete
July 30th, 1957 (July 30 1957)BirthClint Hurdle, American baseball player and manager
July 30th, 1957 (July 30 1957)BirthNery Pumpido, Argentine footballer
July 30th, 1957 (July 30 1957)BirthRat Scabies, English drummer (The Damned)
July 30th, 1956 (July 30 1956)EventA Joint resolution of the U.S. Congress is signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, authorizing "In God We Trust" as the U.S. national motto.Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes
July 30th, 1956 (July 30 1956)BirthDelta Burke, American actress
July 30th, 1956 (July 30 1956)BirthReal Cloutier, Canadian ice hockey player
July 30th, 1956 (July 30 1956)BirthAnita Hill, American author
July 30th, 1954 (July 30 1954)EventElvis Presley makes his debut as a public performer.Elvis Presley Quotes
July 30th, 1954 (July 30 1954)BirthKen Olin, American actor
July 30th, 1953 (July 30 1953)EventRikidozan holds a ceremony announcing the establishment of the Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance.
July 30th, 1950 (July 30 1950)BirthFrank Stallone, American singer and actor
July 30th, 1949 (July 30 1949)BirthDuck Baker, American guitarist
July 30th, 1948 (July 30 1948)BirthJean Reno, Moroccan-born French actor
July 30th, 1947 (July 30 1947)BirthWilliam Atherton, American actor
July 30th, 1947 (July 30 1947)BirthJonathan Mann, AIDS activist (died in 1998)
July 30th, 1947 (July 30 1947)BirthArnold Schwarzenegger, Austrian-born American actor, bodybuilder, and 38th Governor of California
July 30th, 1947 (July 30 1947)DeathJoseph Cook, 6th Prime Minister of Australia (born in 1860)
July 30th, 1946 (July 30 1946)BirthNeil Bonnett, American race car driver (died in 1994)
July 30th, 1945 (July 30 1945)EventWorld War II: Japanese submarine I-58 sinks the USS Indianapolis (CA-35), killing 883 seamen.
July 30th, 1945 (July 30 1945)BirthPatrick Modiano, French novelist
July 30th, 1945 (July 30 1945)BirthDavid Sanborn, American saxophonist
July 30th, 1943 (July 30 1943)BirthHenri-Francois Gautrin, Quebec politician
July 30th, 1941 (July 30 1941)BirthPaul Anka, Canadian singer and composer
July 30th, 1940 (July 30 1940)BirthPat Schroeder, American politician
July 30th, 1940 (July 30 1940)BirthSir Clive Sinclair, English entrepreneur and inventor
July 30th, 1939 (July 30 1939)BirthPeter Bogdanovich, American film director
July 30th, 1939 (July 30 1939)BirthEleanor Smeal, American feminist
July 30th, 1938 (July 30 1938)BirthHerve de Charette, French politician
July 30th, 1936 (July 30 1936)BirthBuddy Guy, American blues guitarist and singer
July 30th, 1936 (July 30 1936)BirthInfanta Pilar of Spain
July 30th, 1935 (July 30 1935)BirthTed Rogers, English comedian and game show host (died in 2001)
July 30th, 1934 (July 30 1934)BirthBud Selig, American Commissioner of Baseball
July 30th, 1933 (July 30 1933)BirthEdd Byrnes, American actor
July 30th, 1932 (July 30 1932)EventOlympic Games: The Games of the X Olympiad open in Los Angeles, California.
July 30th, 1932 (July 30 1932)EventWalt Disney s Flowers and Trees, the first Academy Award winning cartoon and first cartoon short to use Technicolor, premieres.Walt Disney Quotes
July 30th, 1930 (July 30 1930)EventIn Montevideo, Uruguay win the first Football World Cup.
July 30th, 1930 (July 30 1930)DeathJoan Gamper, Swiss-Catalan businessman and founder of FC Barcelona (born in 1877)
July 30th, 1929 (July 30 1929)BirthSid Krofft, Canadian children s television producer
July 30th, 1928 (July 30 1928)BirthEunice Munoz, Portuguese actress
July 30th, 1928 (July 30 1928)BirthJoe Nuxhall, American baseball player and sportscaster (died in 2007)
July 30th, 1927 (July 30 1927)BirthVictor Wong, American actor (died in 2001)
July 30th, 1926 (July 30 1926)BirthChristine McGuire, American singer (The McGuire Sisters)
July 30th, 1925 (July 30 1925)BirthAlexander Trocchi, Scottish writer (died in 1984)
July 30th, 1925 (July 30 1925)BirthJacques Sernas, French actor
July 30th, 1922 (July 30 1922)BirthHenry W. Bloch, American co-founder of H&R Block
July 30th, 1921 (July 30 1921)BirthGrant Johannesen, American pianist (died in 2005)
July 30th, 1919 (July 30 1919)BirthBerniece Baker Miracle, half-sister of Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe Quotes
July 30th, 1918 (July 30 1918)DeathJoyce Kilmer, American poet (born in 1886)Joyce Kilmer Quotes
July 30th, 1916 (July 30 1916)BirthDick Wilson, American actor (died in 2007)
July 30th, 1914 (July 30 1914)BirthLord Killanin, Irish IOC president (died in 1999)
July 30th, 1912 (July 30 1912)DeathEmperor Meiji, Japanese emperor (born in 1852)
July 30th, 1910 (July 30 1910)BirthEdgar de Evia, American photographer (died in 2003)
July 30th, 1909 (July 30 1909)BirthC. Northcote Parkinson, English historian (died in 1993)
July 30th, 1904 (July 30 1904)BirthSalvador Novo, Mexican writer (died in 1974)
July 30th, 1901 (July 30 1901)BirthAlfred Lepine, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (died in 1955)Alfred Ayer Quotes
July 30th, 1900 (July 30 1900)DeathAlfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (born in 1844)
July 30th, 1899 (July 30 1899)BirthGerald Moore, English pianist (died in 1987)
July 30th, 1898 (July 30 1898)BirthHenry Moore, English sculptor (died in 1986)
July 30th, 1898 (July 30 1898)DeathOtto von Bismarck, 1st Chancellor of the German Empire (born in 1815)
July 30th, 1895 (July 30 1895)BirthWanda Hawley, American actress (died in 1963)
July 30th, 1893 (July 30 1893)BirthFatima Jinnah, Pakistani Mother of the Nation (died in 1967)
July 30th, 1890 (July 30 1890)BirthCasey Stengel, American baseball manager (died in 1975)
July 30th, 1889 (July 30 1889)BirthVladimir Zworykin, Russian physicist (died in 1982)
July 30th, 1881 (July 30 1881)BirthSmedley Butler, American Marine general (died in 1940)Smedley Butler Quotes
July 30th, 1875 (July 30 1875)DeathGeorge Pickett, American Confederate general (born in 1825)
July 30th, 1872 (July 30 1872)BirthPrincess Clementine of Belgium (died in 1955)
July 30th, 1871 (July 30 1871)EventThe Staten Island Ferry Westfield s boiler explodes, killing over 85 people.
July 30th, 1866 (July 30 1866)EventNew Orleans s Democratic government ordered police to raid an integrated Republican Party meeting, killing 40 people and injuring 150.
July 30th, 1864 (July 30 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of the CraterUnion forces attempt to break Confederate lines by exploding a large bomb under their trenches.
July 30th, 1863 (July 30 1863)EventIndian Wars: Chief Pocatello of the Shoshone tribe signs the Treaty of Box Elder, promising to stop harassing the emigrant trails in southern Idaho and northern Utah. Osho Quotes
July 30th, 1863 (July 30 1863)BirthHenry Ford, American industrialist (died in 1947)Henry Ford Quotes
July 30th, 1859 (July 30 1859)BirthHenry Simpson Lunn, English humanitarian (died in 1939)
July 30th, 1857 (July 30 1857)BirthThorstein Veblen, American economist (died in 1929)
July 30th, 1855 (July 30 1855)BirthGeorg Wilhelm von Siemens, German industrialist (died in 1919)
July 30th, 1825 (July 30 1825)EventMalden Island discovered.
July 30th, 1825 (July 30 1825)BirthChaim Aronson, inventor and academic (died in 1893)
July 30th, 1818 (July 30 1818)BirthEmily Bronte, English novelist (died in 1848)Emily Bronte Quotes
July 30th, 1811 (July 30 1811)EventFather Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, leader of the Mexican insurgency, executed by the Spanish in Chihuahua, Mexico.
July 30th, 1811 (July 30 1811)DeathMiguel Hidalgo, Mexican patriot and Independence leader (born in 1753)
July 30th, 1809 (July 30 1809)BirthCharles Chiniquy, Quebec-born excommunicated Catholic priest (died in 1899)
July 30th, 1771 (July 30 1771)DeathThomas Gray, English poet and letter-writer (born in 1716)Thomas Gray Quotes
July 30th, 1763 (July 30 1763)BirthSamuel Rogers, English author (died in 1855)
July 30th, 1756 (July 30 1756)EventBartolomeo Rastrelli presents the newly-built Catherine Palace to Empress Elizabeth and her courtiers.
July 30th, 1751 (July 30 1751)BirthMaria Anna Mozart, Austrian musician (died in 1829)
July 30th, 1733 (July 30 1733)EventFirst Freemasons lodge opened in what will become the United States.
July 30th, 1729 (July 30 1729)EventBaltimore, Maryland is founded.
July 30th, 1718 (July 30 1718)DeathWilliam Penn, English founder of the Province of Pennsylvania (born in 1644)William Penn Quotes
July 30th, 1691 (July 30 1691)DeathDaniel Georg Morhof, German writer and scholar (born in 1639)
July 30th, 1683 (July 30 1683)DeathMaria Theresa of Spain, queen of Louis XIV of France (born in 1638) Louis XIV of France Quotes
July 30th, 1680 (July 30 1680)DeathThomas Butler, Earl of Ossory, Irish naval commander (born in 1634)
July 30th, 1652 (July 30 1652)DeathCharles Amedee de Savoie, 6th Duc de Nemours, French soldier (born in 1624)
July 30th, 1641 (July 30 1641)BirthRegnier de Graaf, Dutch physician and anatomist (died in 1673)
July 30th, 1629 (July 30 1629)EventAn earthquake in Naples, Italy kills 10,000 people.
July 30th, 1619 (July 30 1619)EventIn Jamestown, Virginia, the first representative assembly in the Americas, the House of Burgesses, convenes for the first time.
July 30th, 1608 (July 30 1608)EventAt Ticonderoga (now Crown Point, New York), Samuel de Champlain shoots and kills two Iroquois chiefs. This was to set the tone for French-Iroquois relations for the next one hundred years.
July 30th, 1550 (July 30 1550)DeathThomas Wriothesley, 1st Earl of Southampton, English politician (born in 1505)
July 30th, 1549 (July 30 1549)BirthFerdinando I de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany (died in 1609)
July 30th, 1540 (July 30 1540)DeathThomas Abel, English priest (martyred)
July 30th, 1540 (July 30 1540)DeathRobert Barnes, English churchman (martyred) (born in 1495)
July 30th, 1511 (July 30 1511)BirthGiorgio Vasari, Italian painter and architect (died in 1574)
July 30th, 1502 (July 30 1502)EventChristopher Columbus lands at Guanaja in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras during his fourth voyage.Christopher Columbus Quotes
July 30th, 1419 (July 30 1419)EventFirst Defenestration of Prague.
July 30th, 0579 (July 30 0579)DeathPope Benedict I
July 30th, 0578 (July 30 0578)DeathJacob Baradaeus, Bishop of Edessa

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